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Industry-graded PAFC

Solid PAFC

Characteristics of PAFC:

Brown or bronzing powder, Polymeric aluminum ferric chloride (PAFC) is new compound unformed water purification agents with inorganic polymer taking iron as its main components and aluminum as secondary ones (iron m/m being 2-3%).


Application :

The products are mainly used for purifying drinking water and industrial sewage treatment, such as industrial wastewater with plasm paper,   printing and dyeing, municipal sewage, radioactive substances, wastewater with  lead (Pb) and chromium (Cr)  and fluorine(F),it is also can be used use in the field of Precision casting, papermaking and process hides  etc.

It’s efficiency of wastewater treatment is better than that of Alum, polymerization iron sulfate and ferric trichloride.


Packing and Transportation:

Packing in 25kgs woven bag, with inner plastic bag,  This product should be stored in dry and ventilated warehouse , avoid rain and dampness.



Before the use of products, firstly you should add some water dissolved into 5~10% solution, and then diluted to the required concentration, you must stir and add materials gradually in the dissolving process: the diluted solution must be used within 24 hours, or it will hydrolyze and reduce the use effects.  you can do the coagulation and sedimentation experiment to determine the best dosage according to wastewater turbidity and purification equipment.


Item Index
Al2O3 (m/m):: % ≥ ≥27.0
Fe2O3 (m/m):: %  2.0~6.0
Alkalized degree:% 60~95
PH value(10% aqueous solution) 3.5~5.0
Water-insoluble (m/m): % ≤ 1.5
As (m/m): % ≤ 0.0006
Pb (m/m): % ≤ 0.003
Bulk Density(20℃)/(g/cm3  -------