Physical Parameters

Boiling point is -29.4℃ under normal pressure. Melting point is -152℃, relative specific gravity is 1.58. It is slightly soluble in ethyl alcohol and diethyl ether. It is flammable.


It can be used to produce fluorochemicals, pharmaceuticals intermediate, fire extinguisher, and also a monomer to produce fluoro-elastomer and fluoroplastics.

Package, transportation and storage

Packing in 1MT/cylinder or ISO-TANK

Please avoid shocking during transportation.

Please store the product in cool and ventilating place, and keep away from heat.
Items unit Specification
High quality First graded
Appearance —— Colorless and transparent liquefied gas
Purity≥ % 99.95 99.9
Moisture≤ mg/kg  40
  Oxygen content≤ PPM
Acidity(As HCl)≤ mg/kg 1.0
 evaporation residue≤ mg/kg 0.04