Corrosive-resistant Pipe and its fittings

PTFE pipe can be used to transport corrosive or adhesive fluid, and also be used as feed piping, exhaust piping and vapor piping for corrosive gas. PTFE’s mechanical strength is low, its pressure-resistance is poor while linear expansion coefficient is big, and its mechanical strength will be reduced as the temperature rises, and it is easy to deform, especially in high temperature and high pressure, therefore, the surfaces of PTFE pipe and its parts should be strengthened with fiberglass or metal pipes.
PTFE pipe and its fittings strengthened by fiberglass
PTFE pipe and its fittings strengthened by fiberglass have advantages of both of fiberglass and PTFE. It keeps all the performances of PTFE and the rigidity of fiberglass, and also has the characteristics of light weight, being easy to install, resisting to internal and external corrosion, and negative-pressure-resistance.
Steel pipe and its accesories lining with PTFE
Steel pipe lining with PTFE and its accessories have properties of corrosive-resistance and excellent rigidity, impact-resistance and warp-resistance, therefore they are widely used to transport corrosive fluid and gas in petroleum and chemical industries.

Glassfiber pipe lining with PTFE

Glassfiber elbow lining with PTFE
PTFE tube reinforced with steel wire
PTFE tube reinforced with steel wire has good flexibility, high temperature resistance and high pressure resistance. It can work under 200 centigrade on the pressure of 210 kg/CM2 for a long term. It can keep unchanging in room temperature although explosive pressure exceeds 1000 kg/CM2. This kind of high-pressure soft hose are mostly used in high-pressure-resistant and high-temperature-resistant feeding tube and discharge tube, steam tube, high-pressured oil tube of steel rolling machineries, high-pressured, middle-pressured or low-pressured tubes in hydraulic pressure system and cold air system. It can be used in main connector of active portions of assistant hydraulic pressure system and in driving system of fuel-feeding pump, in the systems of gear and brake, and also in the system of loading and unloading of speed-reducing plate. The middle and low pressure soft hoses are often used in airplane canopy system and cold air pass of movable pipeline.
PTFE screwed tube
Except for excellent properties of PTFE,  screwed PTFE tube has properties of low radius of curvature and high flexibility. It is soft enough to be curved in any direction while its path keeps unchanging. It is mainly used to connect the pipelines of ceramics, graphite and glass, which are of low-strength, to have dislocation connection of pipes to balance size changes caused by heat expansion and cold contraction. It is used as feeding hose to connect storage tank with tank vehicle, and also used as flexible bushes of conductor. Screwed PTFE tube should be reinforced with steel wire if it is used under high temperature and high pressure.

PTFE screwed tube

PTFE screwed tube (flange type)