PTFE common corrosive-resistant materials

As an engineering plastic, PTFE can be produced into PTFE pipe, rod, strip, plate, film, etc. And it is generally applied in corrosive-resistant pipes, containers, pumps, valves, all of which require high performance. It is also applied in radar, high-frequency communication equipment and radio equipment. PTFE dispersion liquid can be used as a insulating impregnating solution for all kinds of materials and as a corrosive- resistant coating to be coated on the surfaces of metals, glass and ceramics. A lot of PTFE rings, PTFE gaskets and PTFE packing are widely used to tight the flanges of anti-corrosive pipelines.

  • PTFE pipe/tube

  • PTFE piston pipe

  • PTFE molded plate

  • PTFE film

  • PTFE molded plate

  • PTFE skived sheet

  • PTFE molded rod

  • PTFE molded plate

  • PTFE extruded tube

  • PTFE-filled pipe

  • PTFE molded sheet

  • PTFE extruded rod