Applications in Electronic and Electrical Industries

PTFE plastic has been widely used in Electronic and electrical industry, especially suitable to be insulating materials under high frequency, high temperature and moisture situation. PTFE enameled wire is widely used to make micro electric engine, thermocouple and control device etc. PTFE cables and wires are one of dispensable materials in the fields of aircraft, radar, TV set, rocket etc.


Small-caliber and thin-wall PTFE tubes are used as insulating bushes, the colorful small-caliber tubes are used as bushes of outgoing lines, heat expansion tube and screwed tube in instruments. It is the excellent insulated protection layer of cable and thermocouple.


Middle-caliber PTFE pipes are excellent materials of insulating bushes for dual internal water cooling generator, stator and rotator, and electric solvent liquid level gage.


Large-caliber glassfiber-reinforced PTFE pipes can be used as insulated materials to set rotator and stator of Six sodium fluoride electric generator apart. Varnished glass cloth and PTFE glass fiber laminated sheet are insulated materials of high frequency and high temperature.

1)PTFE glass fiber with wide length can be used to construct domes of large-scaled open squares because of its excellent properties of wear resistance and climate-resistance. This kind of dome will be light-transparent with light weight.

2)Varnished PTFE fabric can be made into laminated sheet through cutting and thermo-pressing multi-layers. Thin laminated sheet can be made into insolated materials for electrician, radome, electrical component, corrosive–resistant leaves. Thick laminated plate can be used as low-friction sliding materials, e.g. ship-launching board.

3) To compound varnished PTFE with single-sided or double-sided copper foil will produce copper-clad laminates (i.e. printed wire board), which can be used under ultra high frequency and high temperature conditions.

4) Having a chemical treatment on single side of varnished PTFE clothes firstly, and then coating adhesive on it, it will become a convenient adhesive tape of adhesive-resistance and insulating.

5) To weave fiberglass yarn into mesh fabric, and then have it impregnated, dried, baked and finally sintered, it will become an adhesive-resistant mesh tape which is applied in the fields of paper-making, foods and dyeing. Adhesive-resistant PTFE mesh fabrics can be woven into a continuously cooperating conveyor belt, which has a good effect on drying papers, foods, and textiles etc.

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