Applications in Medical Materials

Due to its excellent chemical inertness, non-toxicity, heat-resistance and low-friction, PTFE is widely applied in biotechnology engineering, especially in the scientific studies of Cardiovascular, Neurology, plastic surgery and periodontosis. It can be used as the materials of medical devices and artificial organs.

There are PTFE tubes, bottles, filter papers, and filter fabrics among medical devices.  Expanded PTFE is used to disinfect, to filter serum and virus and to separate bacteria from injection drugs.

Expanded PTFE can be produced into artificial blood vessels, heart valves, dialysis membrane of artificial lung and reparative membrane of the Cardiac, all of which are used as a substitute for human organ.

Expanded PTFE is a six-surface crystal, and its molecules are put in order regularly. When it is stretched, the mating surface between sliced crystals will slide under the effect of force and heat, and small fibers and spaces will be formed. Therefore, artificial blood vessel made of Expanded PTFE is not easy to be blocked, possessing the performance of thrombus resistance.

The catheter of gastro scope forceps made of expanded PTFE and rubber plastic film can be deformed randomly. There is no foreign-body reaction, which will reduce the pains of the patient.

  • PTFE artificial blood vessel

  • PTFE filter membrane

  • PTFE filter paper

  • PTFE medicine bottle

  • PTFE Gastro scope forceps catheter

  • PTFE medical instrument

  • PTFE expanded film

  • PTFE medical pipe

  • PTFE medical pipe

  • PTFE medical beaker