PTFE Fiber

PTFE fiber is a kind of synthetic fiber, made by spinning or slicing after making films, or fibrillating. PTFE fiber can be used with a range from -200℃ to 260℃, and it has the same properties as PTFE, e.g. corrosive resistance, low friction, chemical stability, climate-resistance, creep-resistance, anti-oxidant and non-physiological toxicity. It will not burn, melt, or contaminate the filtered media, and it can even be recycled. It is mainly used as filter bags of high temperature dust, highly corrosive -resistant filter materials to filter gas or liquid, the filler of pump and valve, seal tape, self-lubricant bearing, strengthening materials for perfluorinated ion exchange membrane, and felt cloth on the rocket-launching pad.

  • PTFE Normal Sewing thread

  • highly strengthened PTFE sewing thread

  • PTFE Scrim

  • PTFE white felt

  • PTFE white Staple Fiber

  • PTFE brown Staple Fiber

  • PTFE weaving yarn

  • PTFE brown gauze