Instrument Corrosive resistance

PTFE is one of the most popular and effective materials of instrument corrosive resistance, so it becomes the first choice for instruments.

The applications of PTFE are as follows:

1)It is applied on the flange type of PTFE-lining diaphragm stainless pressure gages to measure and control the pressure.

2)It is also used on PTFE-lining thermocouples, electric-thermal resistors and bimetal thermometers to measure and control temperature.

3)It is used on PTFE flow meters to measure and control flow.

4)And it is applied on wholly PTFE lining magnetic level gauge and guided wave radar liquid transmitter to measure and control the location of materials, etc.

  • PTFE electromagnetic flow meter

  • PTFE temperature prober

  • PTFE PTFE thermometer

  • PTFE PTFE content gage

  • PTFE thermocouple

  • PTFE electric-thermal resistor