Chemical equipment Corrosive-resistance

1, PTFE distillation device
PTFE distillation devices can be used to refine the high purified agent to make sure the product is of high quality and of high purity. The devices consist of tower reactor, tower body, heat exchanger, storage tank channel, valve, three-way valve, angle head etc.

  • PTFE-lined tower reactor

  • PTFE-lined reactor kettle

  • PTFE-lined tower section

  • PTFE-lined corrosive-resistant tank

  • PTFE-lined elbow

  • PTFE-lined filter

  • PTFE-lined ball valve

  • PTFE-lined plug valve
2, PTFE heat exchanger
PTFE heat exchanger has excellent properties of corrosive-resistance, foul-resistance, small volume and light weight. The space it takes will be 2-10 times less, and it can be used under 50℃ for a long term due to its excellent capability of heat exchanger.

PTFE tower section heat exchanger is suitable for tower body to exchange heat, taking less space and saving cost.

PTFE heat exchanger tube
3, Applications of PTFE corrugated expansion tube, valve and pump

1、PTFE corrugated expansion tube


 PTFE corrugated expansion tube is indispensably corrosive-resistant assemblies in chemical industry. As a connector of corrosive-resistant pipes, it plays a roll in absorbing length change caused by heat expansion and cold contraction as well as in connecting the dislocation of rigid and fragile pipes. It is widely used in all kinds of high temperature and corrosive environments.


PTFE corrugated tube

PTFE corrugated expansion tube


All kinds of metal valves contacting corrosive media have only short lifetime, but their lifetime will be extended as long as the valves are lined with PTFE. And owing to its non-stick and low friction coefficient, PTFE will make cock type valve easy to start.

valve lining with PTFE

valve lining with PTFE

3、PTFE pump

PTFE-lined pumps are classified into centrifugal pumps, diaphragm pumps and piston pumps. All of these pumps can contact strongly corrosive media, but they are unsuitable to carry corrosive media which contain solid granules or crystal.

PTFE-lined Water pump 

PTFE-lined Centrifugal pump