Application on weight-bearing

The friction coefficient of PTFE is low, and its static friction coefficient is lower than dynamic friction coefficient. Therefore, PTFE can be used in the field of low speed and high loading to solve the problems of expansion and contract caused by heat expansion and shocking among the structures of civil engineering, chemical and bridge etc. Filled PTFE becomes the most perfect material for non-oil lubricant accessories of machine equipments , it can bear loading directly.

The applicants are shown as follows:

1)foul resistant machineries such as the machineries of textile, paper-making, pharmacy and foods;

2)the machineries to transport non-lubricant fluids such as alkaline and solvent, for example, blender, dyeing machine and pump.

3)bushes working in acid or alkaline corrosive environment, such as electroplating bath tank.

4)oil-prohibitted lubricant such as oxygen-making machine.

5)Non-oil lubricant such as ultra low temperature freezer and liquid fuel pump.

6)Sliding parts working under high temperature dryer, furnace table and furnace conveyer belt, when the effect of oil lubricant is not good.

7)Sliding parts under the low-speed and heavy-loading condition, such as movable supporting.

  • Elastic metal plastic bearing

  • PTFE bushes for bronze axis

  • improved self-lubricant bushes

  • PTFE composite bearing

  • self-lubricant sliding channel

  • accessories of adhesive-resistance